How to Use uck-off® Wipes

uck-off uck off step 1 wipe your device clean
Wipe Your Device Clean
uck-off uck off step 2 wait for the wipe to dry
(Optional: Wait for the Wipe to Dry)
uck-off uck off step 3 polish your device with the wipe to remove any streaks
Polish for a Streak-free Finish


Is uck-off safe to use on your screen?

uck-off’s specially developed low-moisture cleaning formula contains alcohol and is safe to use on touchscreen devices and meets manufacturers suggested guidelines for cleaning devices without harming sensitive screens or oleophobic coatings.

Is uck-off safe to use on your screen protector?

uck-off is gentle enough to use on screen protectors.

How do you use uck-off wipes?

Open the packet, unfold the cloth. For best results, wipe your screen clean then polish dry with the same wipe (we recommend using the opposite side for polishing). Depending upon the size of your screen and how much oil has built up on its surface, you may still see streaks. In this case, wait for the wipe to completely dry—don't worry, our low-moisture alcohol formula means this won't take very long. Then polish thoroughly for a streak-free finish.

Is uck-off cloth recyclable?

Even better, it’s biodegradable. And the bag is recyclable.

Where is uck-off made?

uck-off wipes are made in sunny Southern California.

What is uck-off’s use by date?

Since uck-off uses a low-moisture formula, we recommend you use your wipes within six months of purchase.



Where do we ship from?

All uck-off orders ship from Southern California.

Does uck-off ship internationally?

We ship to several countries around the world, please enter your shipping information at checkout to see if your country is included.

When will your order ship?

We ship Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 3:00p.m. Friday through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday. Orders placed before 1:00p.m. Monday through Friday will ship the same day unless it is a holiday.

Where is your tracking information?

Order tracking information is sent with your shipping confirmation email. If you did not receive a shipping confirmation, your order has not yet shipped, or the email went to your junk mail. Check your junk mail, then email us at support@uck-off.com if you have tracking or order status questions.

What do you do if you need to change the address on your order?

You can change the address on your order within 12 hours of submitting it. Please email support@uck-off.com with your order number to update the address before shipping.

How to cancel your order

Email us ASAP at support@uck-off.com with your order number, or sign on to your account and cancel your order.



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We accept exchanges on damaged products, all we ask is that you please submit exchange requests within 30 days of purchase. To request an exchange, email your order number and contact information to us at support@uck-off.com. Please note, we cannot send a new product until the original damaged product is received.



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